10 Smart Ways To Find Best Commercial Door For Restroom

best commercial door for restroom

Are you looking for the best commercial door for the restroom? Confused about how to determine which restroom door is most prominent for your institutional restroom? If yes, then we got you the answer to your questions.

The restroom speaks a lot about your choices and standard at the same time. You may be wondering how. Well, ever noticed why your staff skip using the restrooms? Or why do random people visit your place and choose to use your building facilities other than your competitors? Well other than the genuine need of using it usually people rove to your place because it actually signifies the standard of your business as well as your choices. You might even get a compliment from them or might see people rush to use your restroom.

What makes finding the best commercial restroom door important? 

The two best examples of perfect commercial restroom doors are from- Tori Tori & Eberly who are nominated for America’s best restroom contest by Cintas in 2022. Yes, you read it right! So, what makes people rush to these places other than using nearby restaurants or coffee shops? The answer is obvious the elements they use to elevate their restroom. One of the major aspects of getting all eyes on the space is the use of the right commercial restroom door they picked for their restrooms. 

List of things you should take into account while selecting a commercial restroom door

Below down we have listed ten different ways you can consider finding the best commercial door for your business:

1. Splashproof and Resistance  – 

The proper materials must be used to construct bathroom doors. The most essential part that you need to understand is that other than the design your restroom door must be resilient to moisture. Thus it’s important to pick bathroom doors that look natural and complement the style of the rest of your business or property. It is essential that owners must keep commercial door usage options, functionality as well as water resistance under concern while selecting the right type of commercial restroom door.  

2. Space and Capacity –

mostly due to the lack of available space and choice of the right material. Many commercial restroom doors might deal with multiple ongoing issues that occurred over time due to humidity or exposure to dampness. It is understandable that choosing the configuration and ideal size for your bathroom door might be challenging because restrooms are sometimes smaller and sometimes bigger depending on the area. 

In most cases, restrooms are constantly visible from the different passing areas. It is essential that you must think about how restroom doors will blend in with the rest of the doors of your building. 

3. The Lock System of Restroom Doors- 

Are you sure your restroom doors are a perfect personal space for its users? For most people using public restrooms is a little uneasy in terms of privacy of use. It is essential to ensure keeping the commercial restroom doors highly secured. You need to fix a lock that won’t block while you’re using it, is straightforward to operate, and should be highly safe to use. There are various sorts of restroom door locks available in the market these are:

  • Privacy function lock
  • Passage locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Handleset locks

4. Different Elements of The Door – 

Door elements make a huge difference in building an appearance publicly. Commercial restroom doors are available in both finished and unfinished wood as well as in stainless steel. Selecting pre-stained or pre-painted restroom doors often result in a better-extended warranty and a smoother finish. Whereas, Phenolic High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a heat-compressed paper build door that comes with an extremely durable panel coated with a synthetic phenolic resin that ensures the longevity of the door. 

Besides, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) restroom doors and fiberglass restroom doors are also great options that can be easily customized and available in integral pigments. For better customization, you can ask your provider to offer you the color chart provided by the manufacturer.

5. Interior and Additional Components –

It is essential that your commercial restroom door must complement the aesthetics you have chosen for the interior as well as the exterior. It is important that the restroom door must complement the surrounding elements of the bathroom. Try to pick a door with the element which goes with the room color and texture. 

In addition, do consider adding some additional accessories such as a door hanger which will act as a hanging option if the space is small in size. This is a great storage space option you can offer to the users.     

6. Maintenance and Requirements- 

If you wish to keep your commercial door under shape then one thing you surely get your command on i.e. proper maintenance. Even though maintenance and cleaning are a part of daily ritual. Being a commercial restroom door it demands extra maintenance for the long-term run. Things like door coloring, oiling, fixing as well as water repellent door cleaning are some of the actions one must perform to keep the door in a perfect state. 

Therefore, selecting a heavy-duty commercial door is a smart option you can go for. The type of door material you choose will ensure the longevity of your door with an easy cleaning option.  

7. Your Budget and Cost of Door-                                            

When it comes to commercial restroom doors, remember you may find several amazing options to choose from. Which could be responsible for going over budget, and this could be something that you don’t want to happen. 

Some commercial restroom doors especially doors, storefront doors, and glass doors are some of the costly buys that not every business goes for. But understand going for a cheaper one is also not an option too. Sometimes cheaper doors offer short-term durability and end up demanding more budget for their maintenance.      

Therefore, on a primary note figure out what your budget is, and based on that sort down the door options to remain within your admissible budget. Choose the finest even when your budget goes a little high as a little over budget but a quality door worth investing in. Then a cheaper door that needed future expense cost.   

8. Door Opening and Size – 

Making the wrong door size selection is one of the common mistakes usually buyers make. In fact, a ½-inch gap can make a huge difference in the look and working of the door. The standard size for a restroom door is calculated as 48 to 70 inches in height. Based on that, it is a must that your commercial restroom door should meet the door size for a restroom.

A restroom door must meet the right size along with the space. So, while choosing the bathroom’s entryway make sure to take the entrance size. So when you finalize the door you prefer the right design and door based on the space it will cover.

9. Door Warranty and installation –

One thing that plays the most important role in buying a quality product is the warranty that comes with it. Generally, a door warranty depends on the quality or on the materials that it’s made with. Here is the list of average estimation warranties that comes with door with different material-

  • Wooden Doors- 1- 5 years
  • Steel Doors- 5 to 10 years
  • Fiberglass Doors – 6 to 10 years 
  • Plastic Doors –  10 to 15 years

Always go through the company offered product warranty and guarantee. Choose a reliable and trustworthy commercial restroom door supplier who can offer genuine products along with door installation services.  

10. Choosing Right Frame and Finish

A frame and its finishing are equally important as the right selection of commercial doors. A door should always go well with the exterior as well as the interior of the restroom. Since there are two different variants of commercial doors available in the commercial door industry, such as prehung doors and regular doors. You can check out which will go well with the restroom entrance architecture and choose it as your selection. 

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So, above we have shared smart tips that will help you find the best commercial restroom door as per your requirements. If you still have some doubts or looking doors related questions or answers feel free to connect with us.

We will be there to help you in selecting and guiding your door selection process. Our heavy-duty high-end commercial doors will help you better visualize and determine the door’s overall design with no confusion left. 

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