Commercial Doors Maintenance Checklist (Top 6 Tips)

Commercial Doors Maintenance

A well-maintained commercial door is a mark of high security and efficiency in the workplace. However, your commercial door is often subject to wear and tear on a day-to-day basis which results in causing damage or issues. To get the most benefits, consistent commercial door maintenance and repair are essential.

So, if you looking for actionable tips, our commercial door maintenance checklist has got you covered. It provides you insights on how to prevent your door from future damage by maintaining its performance.

6 Commercial Door Maintenance Tips

1. Remove obstructions from the door

The movement of the doors, oftentimes, gets affected by the obstructions which either make a jam or even leave damage. Check if there are tiny pieces of debris underside of the door frame, you’ll notice blocking in moving the door. For instance, with a display set up near the entrance of your door, there’s a chance that pieces of the packaging and other parts of the display can be left around or pushed near the door. Due to the leftovers under the door, an obstruction of the door occurs and jams it from moving.

So, make sure to keep yourself free from any obstruction or do make small adjustments to the door frame on your own.

2. Lubricate the parts of the door

Every door requires consistent lubrication to keep the parts moveable. By doing so, you can decrease the pressure from the door to make it moves smoothly. It is recommended to lubricate the necessary parts of the door twice a year for high performance and efficiency. However, you also need to keep the parts dry to make them rust-free. If the door moving issues still persist after the lubrication, consider the replacement of the rusted or jammed parts.

3. Tighten loose parts

Keeping the parts of the commercial door tight is another maintenance & repair tip you can keep in mind. Due to often wear and tear of the door, the parts of it get loose whether it is the handle, doorframe, or other smaller parts.

Fortunately, all you need to do is tighten the loose parts to take your door back on track. So, check the door regularly because hardware tends to loosen over time, keeping it efficient and working.

4. Keep the doorframe cleaned

Dust often accumulates in the doorframe due to a lack of maintenance and repair. From the structural integrity to appearance, a dirty doorframe can affect the overall performance and life of the door. Thus, cleaning helps remove retained moisture and dust particles to ensure higher efficiency and a stylish looking.

A doorframe faces a lot of external pressure by itself, make sure to get it checked by a professional to know if there are any damages that require a door replacement.

5. Check the door’s balance

Another commercial door maintenance tip to consider is checking out the door’s balance. An imbalanced door causes difficulty opening and closing the door, resulting in poor performance. Take these steps into consideration to check the balance:

  • Close your door completely and disconnect it from your automatic opener.
  • Open the door half manually.
  • Look at it from a few feet away.

Your commercial door is out of balance if it moves up or falls to the floor. In this case, you can fix the issue either by replacing your springs or looking for other signs of wear that can fix the imbalanced door.

6. Tools You Will Need 

If you have a standard toolbox, it can provide you with a quick fix. Anything else can be found at your local hardware store.

To keep your commercial doors in working order, the tools you’ll need include:

  • Head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Clean rags
  • Soap
  • WD-40

Benefits of Regular Commercial Door Maintenance

Preventative measures help find the hidden issues with commercial doors so that you don’t wind up dealing with much bigger issues.

Here are some of the major benefits of keeping well-maintained doors in your commercial building:

Cost Savings

Caring for your commercial doors while they’re functioning well can help you prevent major malfunctions which can end up costing you money in repairs down the road. 

Increased Safety

A door that has an opening and closing issue can create safety problems. Regular maintenance allows smooth working order so that it maintains safety and helps discard danger to the building. 

Prevent Downtime

A broken door can impede operations in your commercial building. This is not only a headache for you, but it can also potentially wind up costing you a lot of money if you need to shut down or slow business in order to get the door repaired.

A broken commercial door can affect the visitor’s experience by hindering operations in your commercial building. This can cost you downtime in the business which means costing you a lot of money. Make sure to get it repaired to help create a satisfying experience with the visit. 

Final Words:

A commercial door is a vital part of your commercial property. Keeping it healthy, well maintained, and free from any issues should be your responsibility. Incorporate these actionable maintenance tips to help bring affected door performance back to normal. If you struggle to fix your commercial door repairs all by yourself, you can call our professional at who has the expertise to take care of the repairs and replacements done quickly. 

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