Common Causes of Garage Door Noise

It’s a clue that something is wrong with your garage door mechanism if it produces a loud noise when it opens or closes. You might be curious as to why your garage door is making such a racket. The difficulty could be caused by a variety of factors, depending on the type of sound you’re hearing. Squeaking and banging aren’t the same as grinding. You might be able to fix it yourself if it’s anything little, like hinges that require lubrication.

However, if the problem is more dangerous, such as a broken torsion spring, it’s time to call a pro. This article will assist you in diagnosing the problem and determining whether professional assistance is required for a garage door repair.

The Meaning of Common Garage Door Noises

While some noise is unavoidable, if you hear something strange, you can usually figure out what’s wrong by listening. Is there any rattling, creaking, or scraping going on? The nature of the noise might reveal a lot about the source of the problem.


If your garage door squeaks, you may need to lubricate. The hinges, rollers, pulleys, bearings and springs can all cause squeaking sounds without proper lubrication. By listening closely, you can determine where the sound comes from and apply some lubricant to the offending area.

Check your rollers and ball bearings for loose pieces if this does not cure the squeaking problem. You’ll notice your doors wobble along the track if something is loose.


The first place to investigate if your garage door is making a grinding noise is the rollers. A grinding sound can be produced by worn rollers, particularly metal rollers. They may require lubrication, but if you notice symptoms of wear or damage, it’s advisable to get a new garage door installation. For noise reduction, nylon rollers are a good choice. They are quieter than metal rollers, don’t require lubrication, and last just as long.

Grinding noises can also be caused by a misaligned shaft system, issues with the hinges, or a bent track. In these spots, look for metal filings to see where metal is grinding against metal.


A hammering noise indicates that the door is imbalanced or has a damaged torsion spring. When the door strikes the floor, the spring may be generating a pounding or crashing sound. Check the springs and, if necessary, oil them. If you see any loose or damaged springs, contact a repair specialist right once. Do not attempt to repair a problem with the springs on your own because of the high tension.


When your garage door rattles or vibrates when you open it, it’s frequently an indication of loose nuts or bolts along the track. This is usually fixed using a wrench and socket. Overtightening, on the other hand, might cause harm to your garage door, so consult a professional.

A lack of lubrication is another cause of rattling. Regardless of whether or not you hear an unpleasant noise, Belleli Doors suggests lubricating the rollers, hinges, and springs in your garage door mechanism every two months. This will keep a sound from repeating and also safeguard it from wear and tear.

Unbalanced doors can also cause a rattling. If you’ve recently had a new garage door installation and it’s rattling, it’s possible that it wasn’t fitted properly.

When Does Your Garage Door Require a Repair, Service, or Maintenance?

In general, we recommend having your garage door and garage door opener professionally maintained once a year. So, if you’re hearing strange and loud noises coming from your garage, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect it.

To avoid injury, unplug the garage door opener and work with a partner if you prefer to work on your own garage door. Replace rollers, hinges, and springs only with the help of a professional. Your garage door could fall off the tracks if you make a mistake, resulting in serious injury or death.

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