Garage Door Installation in Richmond Hill

Garage Door Installation in Richmond Hill


The design of garage doors is ever-evolving. Garage doors nowadays are capable of much more than simply opening and closing. Have you been thinking about a new garage door installation in Richmond Hill? Let’s go over ten facts concerning modern garage door models that you may not have known.

A Garage Door Can Replace Your Front Door’s Job

According to polls, 71% of homeowners utilize their garage doors as their main entryway rather than their front door. This is due to the convenience of being able to park your car inside and simply stroll in with the push of a button on your garage door opener. In some ways, you might even argue it’s a substitute for the front door!

A New Garage Door Installation in Richmond Hill Can Help Sell Your Home

Simply by existing, a new garage door installation in Richmond Hill or a garage door repair, can add between 1% and 4% value to a home. This was done as part of a study of real estate brokers. Even if it’s something as easy as replacing your garage door, any improvement to your property can raise its worth.

It Can Help Make Your Home More Unique

A new carriage house garage door or overhead garage door can be ideal for you if you want your home to stand out. There’s no reason why your garage door can’t stand out from the crowd. You may make your garage door the benchmark for your neighbors to meet with fashionable styles like contemporary garage doors, wooden garage doors, or carriage house garage doors!

No More Power Outages

We just established that a garage door is more frequently utilized than a front door, but what if you can’t use the garage door? What happens if your electricity goes out? There’s no need to be concerned because newer garage door models come with backup batteries that will work even if the power goes out.

You Can Literally Open Your Door With Just Your Fingertips

The more technologically evolved we become, the more functions garage doors gain. Now that keypads on the exterior of your home are the latest thing, it’s time for an upgrade. Fingerprint recognition is now available for garage doors. No need to recall codes; simply touch your fingertip on the scanner and walk away.

You Can Select A Garage Door That Matches Your Style

You have complete control over the look of your home, whether it is modern, traditional, or futuristic. Hundreds of styles, colors, and designs are available for garage doors. Why would you want to be the same as the rest of the crowd? Create your own design to stand out.

A New Garage Door Installation in Richmond Hill Can Help Beat The Wind

Storms have destroyed homes, leaving nothing but a pile of wreckage in their place. Wind scientists are now recognizing the importance of garage doors in preventing this. Keeping your home safe during a storm can be as simple as installing a wind-resistant, code-approved garage door.

Garage Doors Can Serve As A Reminder That They Are Open

We all know how risky it is to fail to close the garage door. It’s basically asking that thieves rob you. Garage doors can now be fitted with in-house monitoring that can alert you if your garage door is left open.

It Can Help Save Energy

If you have your garage door insulated, it can really save you money. The federal government confirmed this, and they gave tax incentives to garage door owners who replaced their garage door with a qualifying insulated garage door. This can help you save both time and money!

A Garage Door Installation Should Be Left To The Pros

This is not a do-it-yourself project. Garage door installation in Richmond Hill is dangerous and should only be done by experts like Belleli Doors. Whether it’s a residential or commercial garage door repair, or a garage door installation, the experts can get the job done quickly! 

Belleli Doors, Your Trusted Garage Door Experts

Belleli Doors has been protecting homeowners with our high-quality services for many years. Regardless of the time of day or night, or if it is a holiday, our service teams are here to assist you. The technicians on staff are highly certified and have many years of experience, allowing them to provide a level of knowledge that only few businesses can match.

Put your faith in Belleli Doors, and your garage door repairs or replacement will last for years.
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