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If you’re thinking about giving the exterior of your home a makeover, you may want to consider a new garage door installation in Vaughan. At Belleli Doors, we specialize in garage doors, including garage door repair. We can educate you and provide you expert advice on how to make the outside of your home look stylish. Here are some of this year’s biggest trends that you may want to consider.

Garage Door Color Trends 2021

White is no longer the most popular garage door color. Darker hues will be used by homeowners in 2021 to offer their homes a more refined and sophisticated appearance. Here are some of the most popular paint colors this year:

  • Grey and yellow are two complementary colors. “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating” yellow were colors of the year for 2021. Choose one color for your garage door and the other for the trim to tie the colors together. Alternatively, choose this shade of grey on its own for a more subtle effect. It has a similar brightness to white but is a little softer and goes with a lot of different home exteriors. Ultimate Grey is practical, blends in with the background, and doesn’t draw attention away from the other aspects of your home.
  • Greige. “Urban Bronze” is another option if you’re searching for a neutral for your garage door. A bronze undertone runs across this darker grey. Its natural-inspired vibe is extremely adaptable and looks fantastic against white or beige trim.
  • Teal. “Aegean Teal” by Benjamin Moore is a darker shade of teal that offers a flash of color without being overbearing. It’s a soothing color that complements earth tones and a variety of architectural types. Gliddan’s “Aqua Fiesta,” on the other hand, is a lighter, more eye-catching shade of teal that really stands out.
  • Brown. When painted correctly, walnut brown is a neutral yet stylish color that can pass for an expensive wooden door. Choosing the appropriate walnut brown is important, though, because some colors can actually date the exterior of your home. Be careful of this if you are considering this color for your new garage door installation in Vaughan.
  • Black. This is a contemporary and fashionable color for your garage door. In fact, it has been proven that having a black garage door increases the value of your home. It will also hide filth and wear better than a lighter-colored door.

Painting your garage door is a simple garage door repair and inexpensive method to update the appearance of your home. Always double-check your garage door manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that painting it will not void it.

Garage Door Design Trends For 2021

Garage doors can cover up to half of a home’s exterior. As a result, selecting a design that shows your distinct personality might help you make a fantastic first impression. In fact, a new garage door installation in Vaughn can instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. Here are a handful of the most popular garage door designs for 2021:

  • Doors made of glass. Garages are increasingly becoming more than just a place to park your vehicles. Many have been transformed into laundry facilities, workshops, exercise rooms, and other uses. As a result, more homeowners are opting for glass doors.
  • Doors made of wood. Solid wood doors have an unmatched level of beauty and sophistication. Horizontal and V-shaped wood plank patterns are very popular this year. Wood, on the other hand, can be costly and time-consuming to maintain. Vinyl or fibreglass can pass for the real thing if you want something easier to maintain while maintaining the same amazing look.
  • Carriage house/farmhouse doors. Stable or barn doors are the inspiration for carriage house or farmhouse type doors. Decorative hardware, wrought-iron strap hinges, and grooved panel patterns are common features. They come in a variety of materials, panel types, colors, and window combinations, and they bring rustic appeal to the front of your house.
  • Doors made of steel. Steel doors have always been a popular choice for a new garage installation in Vaughn. They’re long-lasting and made to withstand the elements. They’re also simple to keep clean. Classic, on the other hand, does not have to imply dull. Raised paneling and vivid colors are simple ways to personalize your door.

Although smaller windows are popular on garage doors, glass panels may give your home a clean appearance while also providing safety and security. To maintain privacy while allowing natural light to pass into the garage, tinted, frosted, or ground glass might be used. Furthermore, you have a selection of frame designs to choose from when looking at options for your garage door installation in Vaughan.

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When you decide that upgrading your garage door system is the next investment you want to make in your house, the first thing you should think about is a garage door installation in Vaughan. A garage door installation that uses the most up-to-date automated garage door opener technology will make your life easier.

If you need a simple garage door repair but also wish to add an automatic garage door opener, Belleli Doors will assist you with that update. Our technicians are licensed and have the knowledge and abilities necessary to deliver the best answer for any issue. When you call Belleli Doors at 647-870-7778 now, you can schedule a free estimate for a home renovation project that includes a consultation.

At Belleli Doors, we specialize in keeping your doors operational, and quality products and workmanship are the reason for our success in the GTA.

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