Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Do you have visible stains on your garage floor? Is it so cluttered that you can’t find your toolkit or park your car? The mild weather and fresh breezes of spring make it an ideal time of year to clean and air out your garage. Cleaning your garage can seem daunting at first, especially if you’ve been putting it off for years because you’ve been using it as a major storage unit. Fortunately, we’re here to offer advice on how to clear out your garage.

Cleaning Supplies for the Garage

Prepare all the tools and materials you’ll need before you begin cleaning. That way, when you’re halfway through cleaning your garage, you won’t have to make an unplanned trip to the store or hunt your house for materials. You’ll need the following items:

  • A Checklist for cleaning
  • A stepping stool
  • Masks for the face
  • Gloves
  • Garbage bags
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • baking soda
  • Soap in liquid form
  • a brush for cleaning
  • Clean towels and a nonabrasive sponge
  • A bucket of water
  • Options for storage

A hose or power washer could help, but it isn’t necessary. If you must use a power washer, keep it away from your garage door. The pressure of a power washer, even on low settings, might damage the door.

You might want to check into garage storage options if you have a lot of junk to reorganize. Shelves, cupboards, and pegboards are all good storage alternatives, but they’re simplest to put in when the garage is empty. Another alternative is to utilize plastic bins or storage boxes, which can be especially beneficial if you plan on donating any unwanted goods once you’re done.

Making a spring-cleaning list for your garage will also help you keep organized once you get started. An itemized list will prevent you from missing a step and will make it easier to resume where you left off if you need to take a break. Also, don’t forget to take breaks as needed. Cleaning your garage can take a lot of time and effort, but the results will be well worth the effort. Staying motivated by crossing stuff off your to-do list while you work is a terrific method to do so!

How to Get Your Garage Clean

You’re set to start spring cleaning your garage with your supplies and checklist in hand. To make the garage cleaning and organizing task more bearable, break it down into several steps. To assist, follow these garage cleaning suggestions and steps:

  1. Get rid of all the clutter
    Even if your garage is already well-organized, stopping to move things around when cleaning the walls and floor is inconvenient.
  2. Vacuum and Dus.
    The next stage in garage cleaning is dust removal. Dusting your garage makes it look and feel better, and it can also assist with allergies caused by dust.
  3. The garage floor should be cleaned
    You can erase the stains that have developed on the floor after cleaning the dust from the walls and floor. Garage flooring are subject to several stains, including oil and rust. Cleaning the stains on your garage floor will give it a new look and may even help to extend the life of your floor. Cleaning a garage floor with a nylon bristle brush is a smart way to avoid scratching the concrete.
  4. The garage door and garage door windows should be cleaned
    Knowing how to clean your garage door will help to avoid rust and increase the life of the coating. You must be careful when cleaning your garage door so as not to scratch the paint or the windows! To keep your door in good shape during cleaning, follow these steps:
  • Cleaners that are ammoniated, abrasive, or solvent-based should be avoided.
  • Use a clean cloth and a nonabrasive sponge.
  • Squeegees, razor blades, and other sharp equipment that can scratch the windows or paint should not be used to scrape your door or windows.
  • When it comes to your garage door and windows, avoid using a power washer.
    Cleaning most garage door windows with mild dishwashing soap and a soft cloth is a simple but efficient method. Decorative inserts on some garage doors, can be removed for easy cleaning.

Time to organize the garage

It’s time to bring your items back inside now that your garage is clean. Instead of putting everything in randomly, use this time to examine what you really need and how to effectively organize it. Cutting back on what you keep in your garage will help you keep it tidy over time.

While cleaning your garage, you’ll be looking at your garage door system more closely than you would at any other time of the year. During this period, you may discover problems with your garage door, tracks, or garage door opener. You may require a garage door repair, if so, Belleli Doors is here to assist you if you need it.

Belleli Doors, Your GTA Door Expert

After cleaning out your garage you may decide to give your garage door an update. A garage door installation that uses the most up-to-date automated door-opening technology will make your life easier. If you need a simple garage door repair but also wish to add an automatic garage door opener, Belleli Doors will assist you with that update.

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