How To Fix Your Noisy Garage Door – Do’s & Don’ts


A garage is a valuable addition to any home, but if you’re wondering “why is my garage door so noisy,” there’s a good chance something is wrong. While the noise itself can be a nightmare, disturbing everyone in the vicinity, the source of the noise can become a more serious issue.

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What are some causes of noisy garage doors

Poor Lubrication

Squeaking, rattling, and grinding noises may be produced by worn rollers, loose parts, and other lubrication-required hardware. Friction is created when the door moves, which can result in a lot of these noises.

Unbalanced Doors

The springs in an unbalanced garage door may be under too much tension or not delivering enough tension to counterbalance the door’s weight. Both conditions can put the opener under additional stress. An imbalanced garage door can cause a snapped spring or cable, as well as early failure of the opener.

The following are some imbalanced door symptoms to look out for:

  • When you open or close it, it appears uneven.
  • It takes a long time to open and close.
  • Doesn’t work
  • Strange noises are made, such as hammering, rattling, scraping, or squeaking.
  • Not properly installed

What is the price of a garage door?

When purchasing a garage door, price is always a factor. They range in price from $450 to $5000, but because they are big and difficult to install, it is recommended to get an expert like Belleli Doors to do it. These are estimated garage door installation costs of several types of garage doors:

  • A single roller door can range in price from $600 to $1350.
  • A double roller door could cost anything from $1350 to $1850.
  • A single sectional door can set you back anywhere from $850 to $1900.
  • A double sectional door can range in price from $1400 to $4600.
  • A single tilt door might cost anything from $1700 to $2250.
  • A double tilt door can range in price from $2200 to $2750.

Your garage door should not be so noisy that it wakes you up if it was installed properly. The garage door closes or stops halfway up, or doesn’t close or open properly, are all indicators of faulty installation. It could also be tough to use. If this is the case, you may hear a variety of noises such as grinding, screeching, or rattling.


Your garage door may be operating normally, but it is still making a noise. It could be due to acoustics or the necessity to soundproof your garage. It’s possible that your garage or garage door isn’t properly insulated, enabling sound to escape, and making it appear louder.

Bent tracks

If you’re having trouble opening and closing your garage door, it could be due to metal rail bends. When you open and close your garage door, it produces rubbing noises, which is one of the telltale signs of twisted tracks. If you notice any loose screws, you may have a twisted garage door track.

Loose Parts

Your door’s hardware, such as the rollers, hinges, nuts, bolts, and chain, can become loose. When your garage door is squeaky and you assume it’s due to loose parts, search for the symptoms that each piece of machinery has. Make sure you double-check your:

Chain: When the chain on your garage door opener breaks, it makes a loud slapping noise and causes the rollers to bang against the track as the door moves awkwardly.

Nuts and bolts: As the bolts and nuts on your garage door become loose, they can cause it to vibrate or rattle when you open and close it.

Rollers and Hinges: When you operate the door, you may notice that the rollers or hinges wobble on the garage door operator. After a long period of use or if they are bent, metal or sloppy rollers or hinges will become noisy and worn. If your rollers or hinges are to blame, you may hear high-pitched squeaking or grinding noises.

Ways to fix your noisy garage door

Lubricate or replace the roller

Until the garage door noises stop, oil all moving components with Synthetic Garage Door Lubricant on a regular basis.

DO NOT lubricate the nylon section of the rollers and other plastic garage door components, such as the EZ-Set Spring, because petroleum damages them.

Lubricate or replace the springs

If the garage door operates at all, a broken spring will almost certainly result in a noisy garage door. If this is the case, DO NOT alter, repair, or remove springs or parts that are attached to springs. WARNING: Excessive spring tension can result in severe injury or death. Only a certified door systems specialist should adjust or repair the springs or balancing system.

Lubricate or replace the hinges

Examine the hinges to see if they are cracked, worn out, or if the hinge region is covered in dust or metal filings. If any of the following symptoms exist, have the hinges repaired or replaced by a professional door systems technician.

DO NOT attempt to adjust, repair, or remove hinges on your own or with the help of a friend. WARNING: If the bottom bracket is removed, your garage door may fall, causing serious injuries or death. Hinges should only be repaired or replaced by a skilled door system professional.

Tighten nuts and bolts

Retightening these bolts and screws with a tool and socket set can nearly entirely silence the garage door. DO NOT overtighten this hardware, the lag screw holes will be stripped, and the carriage bolt heads will be pulled through the garage door. Only a certified door systems specialist should adjust or repair the springs or balancing system.

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