How To Heat Your Garage Room In The Winter

Whether you’ve converted your garage into a nice spare room, a relaxed TV cave, or a neat workstation, you won’t be completely satisfied until you can adequately heat it in the winter.

Garage Heating 101 – our ideas for keeping your garage heated this winter – will keep you toasty and warm throughout the chilly season:

Our First Tip Is to Clean Up!

Before you can begin the process of winterizing your garage correctly, you must first clean it thoroughly to prepare your area.

Sweep the floor with a strong broom to remove dirt, trash, mulch, leaves, and insects that have made their way into your garage during the summer.

Remove any cobwebs, grime, or dust from the walls.

Our Second Tip Is to Replace the Weather Stripping

After you’ve cleaned your garage thoroughly, you can begin the process of winterizing it, starting with insulation.

When you hear the word “insulation,” you probably think of the pink fluffy substance that keeps your house warm. However, insulating a space also entails sealing any air leaks that may be allowing warm air to escape and cold air to enter.

That’s why, before you start installing insulation, you should check the weather-stripping on all of your garage’s windows and doors, including your garage door, you can do a residential or commercial garage door repair to replace any cracked or damaged areas.

Over time, weather-stripping gets broken and brittle, resulting in air leaks and cold drafts in your garage. If you’re experiencing drafts as a result of broken weather-stripping, remove the old weather-stripping, scrape off any residual sealant, and then carefully apply the new weather-stripping.

To ensure a strong seal, make sure your new weather-stripping is properly measured and aligned with your garage door. Close the garage door first with your garage door opener, then line the weather-stripping so the rubber flap is flush against the door.

Our Third Tip Is to Insulate The Walls

You can start insulating your garage walls after you’ve sealed up all the air leaks. Insulation for your garage can be built of a variety of materials and will help to create a protective barrier. For this, you’ll want to utilize fiberglass batt insulation, making sure to get the appropriate thickness for your garage walls.

Our Fourth Tip Is to Make Sure To Take care of Your Garage Door

Even if you’ve already replaced the weather-stripping on your garage door, if you haven’t properly insulated it, you risk losing valuable heat due to its vast surface area.

In order to keep your garage, warm this winter, you should also insulate the garage door. You may buy a range of specialized kits on the market, including foam boards, fiberglass, and reflective barriers, among other things. Depending on your situation you may even require a new garage door installation.

When insulating the garage door, be sure to precisely cut the insulation to suit the garage door panels, then secure it with adhesive. If you’re having trouble with insulation or are still cold after installing it, you may need to replace your garage door with one that is insulated.

Our Fifth and Final Tip Would be to Install a Heater

While insulation and weather-stripping will keep cold air out, they won’t do anything to warm up your garage room.

Install a unit heater in your garage to keep it warm all winter. These heaters take up minimal space and are easy to install. Choose between an electric and a gas heater. Choose a mini-split heat pump for a more energy-efficient choice.

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