How To Inspect a Garage Door

How To Inspect a Garage Door

This 10-point check takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. You should have the following items on hand to complete this annual inspection:

  • a flashlight and a tape measure
  • A ladder or step stool, as well as a wooden 2 x 4 approximately six inches long
  • and the garage door opener remote control, may be useful.

CAUTION: Perform this examination in the sequence stated below, and if any of the steps in #3, #4, or #5 are not completed, stop, and call a professional garage door installation company.

Handle for manual release

Is it possible to detach the door from the operator manually?

Begin by going into the garage and closing the door completely. Look for a manual release handle, which allows you to disconnect the door from the operator manually. Look for a rope if you’re looking for something to do with your hands.

The handle (or grasping surface) must be red and immediately recognizable from the rest of the operator system.

Look for warning labels

Are there any of the following warning labels on the device:

A) spring warning label is attached to the back of a door panel;
b) A general warning label is applied to the back of a door panel;
c) A warning label is affixed to the wall near the wall control button;
d) Two warning labels are attached to the door near the bottom corner brackets.

Examine the door panels.

a. On both the inside and outside of the door, are there handles or other adequate holding points?

b. Are there any pinch places on these handles?
c. Is the door able to open and close freely, without difficulty, and at a rate equal to the force applied?
d. Do the rollers say anything in the track when it’s running?
e. Is it possible for the door to remain fully open?
f. Does the half-open door stay that way?

  • Here’s how to check the position(s) of the door(s): Pull the manual release (the rope) to detach the door from the operator with the door fully closed. Manually lift the door without exerting yourself by gripping it in a safe area where your fingers will not be pinched or harmed. Raise the door to its fully open position, then reduce it to half-open, and finally close it. Without your assistance, the door should remain in place.

If any of the following responses are no, a skilled garage door technician should evaluate the door system before continuing with the rest of this examination. Reconnect the door to the operator if all the answers are yes.

Pushbutton for the Wall Station

  • Is there at least one working wall-mounted push button on the garage door?
  • Are all pushbuttons visible from the outside of the door and safely away from all moving parts?
  • To keep children out of reach, are all pushbuttons positioned at least five feet above any surrounding walking surfaces?

Location of Photoelectric Sensors

  • Is the beam no more than six inches above the ground if it is present?
  • Can the door operator manufacturer confirm that photoelectric sensors aren’t required if they’re not present?

Location of Photoelectric Sensors

Is the door reversing and returning to the fully open position right away?

Close the garage door using the remote control or the wall button while standing within the garage but securely away from the door’s path.

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