How to Align Garage Door Sensors?

As part of ensuring the safe operation of your garage door, properly aligning its sensors is of critical importance. 

1. Locate Sensors

First, identify both sensors on either side of your garage door near the ground 

2. Check Alignment

Verify that both sensors are properly aligned, facing each other directly with no gaps between them or blinking lights indicating improper alignment. 

3. Adjust Sensor Position

If any misalignments exist between sensors, gently adjust their positions by loosening any mounting screws

4. Tighten Screws

Once the sensors have been aligned perfectly, tighten their mounting screws securely in order to preserve proper positioning

5. Assess Alignment

Close your garage door using its remote and observe its movement; it should close without hesitation or reversal

6. Repeat Adjustment Process as Necessary

If alignment isn’t ideal or your door doesn’t close smoothly, repeat this adjustment process