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Five Common Commercial Door Problems To Repair

Access Control System Electrical Issues

Electrified hardware, such as an electric strike, and electronic security systems are some of the best ways you could control access to your building

Door Warpage

Preventative maintenance can help protect your doors from irrevocable damage due to warping.

Traffic Wear

Your main entrance will likely experience this issue the most since that’s where the majority of foot traffic takes place

Hinges and Pivots

The hinges and pivots of your doors are the most important components to keep a watchful eye on. Responsible for allowing the door to swing open and close properly

Issues Closing Due to The Door Closer

When doors close inefficiently, then all of your security measures are rendered entirely moot.

LETS Conclude it!

Installing a quality security system, also called an access control system, is a great first step, but you also need to ensure your doors and security systems are well maintained.