Interesting Front Door Facts You May Have Never Known

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We are discussing a variety of fascinating facts regarding front door replacement. Keep watching this web story because you might discover something very special about front doors that you didn't know before!

1. You can save up to 40% on your overall energy costs by replacing your old inefficient front door with a new one that is energy efficient. 

2. Locks with keyless entry are secure. Because it is much more difficult to guess your code than it is to pick a traditional lock, they are more secure than traditional locks. 

3. Conservation Construction's replacement entry doors are 43% thicker than other entry door replacements currently available. Because of this, they are more insulating and safer.

4. In order to keep out dust, dirt, drafts, debris, and pests, a door sweep is a type of weatherstripping that is mounted to the bottom rail of your door.

5. One preferred design for the front door is embossing. A door that has been embossed has had a design carved, molded, or stamped onto it to make it stand out.