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How to Set Up a Smart Garage Door Opener

Step 1 Check your Wi-Fi signal strength

In order to operate a smart garage door system you will require a moderate Wi-Fi signal in and around the garage.

Step 2 Choose between Smart Garage Door Opener and Wi-fi Hub

Select the garage door unit that you wish to use. There are two ways to obtain the desired opening power with modern smart garage door systems.

Step 3 Get your Smart Garage Door Opener Installed

Using the included mounting hardware, install the garage door opener system on your ceiling. 

Step 4 Install a Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi Hub

If all you're installing is a Wi-Fi hub, you should do so by putting the mounting bracket three to five feet away from your current opener.

Step 5 Set Up the App

Install and configure the app to operate your Wi-Fi hub or smart garage door opener system. 

Step 6 Test Your Smart Garage Door Opener System

To make sure your garage door is operating correctly, use the app to open and close it.