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Types of Interior Doors


1. Flush Doors

The surface of flush doors is very flat and plain, with no panels or decorations. They have the most basic and affordable style of design.

2. Panel Doors

Panel doors have more appeal and detail than the previous type. Despite being straightforward, they are divided into various panels.

3. French Doors

French doors give your design a timeless appearance. They are constructed from glass panels that reach from top to bottom.

4. Glass Doors

If you are building a home with open space, glass doors should be your way of making clear demarcations.

5. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are currently popular in the door industry. They operate similarly to sliding doors, but only one side rolls into a hole in the wall.

6. Double doors

In contrast to double acting doors, these are pairs of vertical doors that meet in the middle of a door frame.

7. Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a set of sliding doors attached by hinges. They are traditionally called “concertina doors” and sometimes “folding doors”. 

8. Accordion Doors

Similar to bi-fold doors, accordion doors also maximize space efficiency. These kinds of doors fold back in sections to open, rather than swinging open.

9. Bypass Doors

They are mostly mounted in pairs of twos or threes and slide along one axis on a parallel track, passing each other in the process.