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Interior doors repair comes from two distinct categories – the first one is how the door is used, and the second is how the door operates in its unique way due to the door’s design. A home will shift from time to time as it settles – just when you think you had your doorway square or as square as it can be, the alignment shifts due to settling. Another cause of interior doors repair is age; old doors will bind and stick, making them a chore to use. Doors are fitted to the frame and work on tight space tolerances – if you have painted the doorframe or have dirt building in corners or around edges, the door can become skewed, limiting its usefulness. Doors, like pocket doors, can come off the track, and that requires an interior doors repair to get the door back to work as intended. Hinges wear, and when they become loose, creating a gap between the door and the doorjamb is an easy fix, but most homeowners ignore it.
When you see problems around your home with doors, the first and only call to make for service is to our company Belleli Doors. We offer emergency service and regular service calls, and our service vans contain all the parts necessary to repair any problem we encounter. Interior doors repair comes in three common categories, and we at Belleli Doors will tell you how we will correct the issues you are having with your doors.

Interior Doors Repair, With Belleli, Your Repair Is Assured

The binding door:

This problem is a regularly occurring event in many homes across the Greater Toronto Area. A rub against a doorjamb or binding when opening and closing will tell you that your door needs service. To restore the door to excellent working condition, we take a piece of cardboard and slip it into to the area where the bind or rub is and mark it for reference. At this point, we take a quick look at the doorjamb and 99 times out of 100; it is paint that has been applied over time that creates the problem. We take a chisel to the area and remove the excess paint, and the door is working condition again.

Fixing that loose door:

This problem is the opposite of a sticking door. You know you have this problem when you hear the door rattles when opening and closing. It easy to fix the problem, and it requires little effort and expense. We tighten the stick plate that is located where the latch enters the opening in the doorjamb. If tightening isn’t an option, we can slightly adjust the stick plate to improve the smooth operation of the door.

Holes or punctures in hollow doors:

We fill the hole with spray foam insulation, allow it to rise just above the door’s flat surface and let it dry. Once the foam is dry, we remove the expanded foam from the surface just below the edge of the hole. At this juncture, we apply a vinyl spackling material with a putty knife. A light sanding of the area creates the flat spot you need, and we can paint the door if you want us to complete the finish work.

Belleli Doors Is Synonymous With Quality Door Repairs

We service all doors no matter where they are or what purpose they serve. If you need commercial doors repair or office doors repair at your workplace, don’t hesitate to call us. Your business is important to us, and the problems you encounter that cause office doors repair or commercial doors repairs will be our mission to eradicate when the time comes.
Emergency service or regular service calls are our business, and our vans have all the equipment and parts to affect your repair on-site when we arrive. Our service teams have a wealth of knowledge about the doors industry, and they can fix anything you have installed. Make door problems a thing of the past when you bring your needs to our company at Belleli Doors. To keep repairs to a minimum, create a door maintenance schedule that comes with regular inspections to get out in front of problems before they arise, and we can help with the creation of the plan. When you need a door repair, call our showroom today at Belleli Doors at 647-870-7778

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