Any busy facility, whether it be a factory, a warehouse or repair shop, or any other going concern that requires quality industrial doors to get products out or be an entryway for those who need service. Depending on the application of the industrial doors you need, a solution can be constructed to fill your needs. Durability and strength are what you need in a commercial door, and it can be insulated or not, depending on what type of business you operate. Some storage facilities have insulated and non-insulated doors for their units. The cost varies depending on material additions. At Belleli Doors, we are your industrial doors specialists; it doesn’t matter what type of facility you operate; we have a solution that will keep your business working, providing an unencumbered entranceway that is easy to use.

Industrial Doors, Applications And Types

Commercial doors that are industrial quality doors can come in many different styles designed with your unique business in mind. Flush doors, ribbed doors or doors with raised panels make-up the types of doors we have available at Belleli Doors. If you need to insulate your commercial doors, you can have a polystyrene panel inserted between the door and a vinyl or steel backing plate to create comfort in your shop, factory or warehouse.

The door’s size doesn’t matter as they can be custom made, or you can choose from a mass-produced door that fits the opening’s specs at your facility.

Hardware, The Guts Of The Door

With an industrial-grade door, you need industrial-grade hardware to match. It starts with the hinges, 14 gauge; then you need quality rollers – 10 steel ball rollers or nylon rollers. The torsion springs should be set at a minimum of 10,000 cycles; a steel handle with a steel step plate added makes for easy operation. Security is essential; the doors we install come with an inside sliding lock to deter unwanted entry. The steel support plates are 19-gauge steel, strong and tough for working doors that open and close thousands of times per year. For single stiles, they come equipped with 18-gauge ends and for double stiles, a 16-gauge end. The cables are aircraft standard that incorporates a 7:1 safety factor. The tracking is set at two to three inches that can be set-up in many different configurations to meet your facility’s requirements.

Tracking Is Important

Making the best use of space in the facility is part of what the tracking for an industrial door does. Tracking options that fit your situation are commonplace in door installation. A standard lift is one of many possibilities. If you have low headroom, you can have a front or rear mount tracking. If space is at a premium, you can have tracking that follows the pitch of the roof. The tracking can be combined to marry different options together in your place of business.

Safety Requires Risk Mitigation.

When you are updating, repairing or replacing your commercial doors, did you think about your commercial fire doors and whether they need to be updated. At Belleli Doors, your safety is of paramount importance to us, and we would like to advise you on why they are a vital element of any working concern. Commercial fire doors stop the spread of fire and smoke for up to three hours. This will protect employees in case of an evacuation due to fire at your business. You can wood fire doors or steel fire doors, and depending on location; it should be the deciding factor where you install either fire door product. At Belleli Doors, we will take stock of your needs and provide the appropriate advice to satisfy your fire prevention needs.

The Commercial Door Specialists, Belleli Doors

We have been repairing and replacing industrial doors in Toronto for years, and our team of service technicians works quickly to prosecute problems with industry-standard solutions. We use the best products in the marketplace to sustain your entranceway needs that come with a warranty for the product and the installation to protect your interests. We have service teams that operate on an emergency basis because we know that you are out of business without a working door until you have a functional door. Our emergency vans contain all the parts and tools necessary to affect a repair or installation, and we never have to leave a job site for equipment.

To discuss your commercial or industrial door needs, please contact our showroom today when calling us today at Belleli Doors at 647-870-7778