Interior doors are more than simply a way to separate rooms; they’re also an important part of your overall design. If you are looking for a front door replacement or commercial doors, the experts at Belleli Doors will be sure to seamlessly guide you through your entire process.

Try a classic paneled door in a traditional home or a smooth, flush door in a contemporary design. Got a small room? Pocket doors that slide into a wall are the perfect solution.

Make sure that all of your interior doors in Mississauga are the same color. Upgrading them will increase the worth of your home and boost your design.

Getting To Know Your Door Terminology


Hinged panels that fold against each other when hung side by side. They’re ideal for compact locations like closets or utility rooms since they fold instead of swinging open.


Two doors that meet in the middle of the frame, hung side by side. They can be slab or pre-hung. They’re particularly effective in areas where you desire a more formal entryway, such as the dining room or the master bedroom.


Plain wood-veneered flush interior doors in Mississauga have either a hollow or solid core. They work great in modern homes because of their basic, streamlined appearance, which goes well with modern furniture. Flush doors come in a number of wood types as well as ready-to-paint options.


Glass panes that run the length of the door are usually one of a pair. French doors let light in and make a space feel bigger. They’re ideal for rooms that need to be separated from other areas while maintaining a minimum of privacy.

Hollow Core

These light, budget-friendly interior door in Mississauga are made up of a plywood veneer bonded on a frame or cardboard baffle. They’re inexpensive, but they don’t give much insulation, fire protection, or soundproofing.


Louvered interior doors in Mississauga have horizontal slats that allow for air circulation, which is particularly important for laundry rooms and closets. They come in wood or fiberglass and lend a casual look to your home. They are not recommended as the main door for bedrooms or bathrooms, as they allow sound to pass through.


Molded doors are fiberglass doors that have been shaped to resemble a wooden door. Solid-core molded doors are less expensive than their wooden equivalents, and they are sound-deadening.


A door with a frame, hinges, and a handle that arrives pre-assembled. This is ideal for a brand-new installation with no previous frame.


A door that does not have hinges, a handle, or a frame. Perfect for replacing doors that already have a frame. If you like to pick your own hardware, this is also a wonderful option.

Solid Core

A door with a solid material within the core, such as wood, foam, or chipboard. Plywood or steel are used to laminate the core. Insulation, soundproofing, and fire protection are all provided by them.


Solid wood interior doors in Mississauga are the best sound-insulating doors you can choose for your home’s interior. They have a warm, natural appearance and are available in a range of wood species to match your existing furniture. Solid core and hollow core fiberglass doors lack the weight of traditional wood doors.

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