Patio Doors Repair

Patio Doors Repair in Toronto

While they were beautiful when installed, your patio doors have seen better days, and you are in need of patios doors repair due to the excess use they have experienced. The door seems to stick, doesn’t run right on the track, and it is becoming an annoyance that needs to be dealt with. Patio doors repair is one way to save money and at the same time refresh the doors with a small adjustment to one of the many areas that make the patio door work. That is where we come in. At Belleli Doors, we have the tools and parts for your patio doors repair, and we will be there when you need us – even at a moment’s notice. We would like to help you identify patio doors repairs through the problems you are being subjected to, and we will have a great solution to stop the problem from getting worse.

Patio doors repairs by Belleli Doors

Sliding patio doors repair:

Opening and closing a glass patio door is the primary function of the door. It isn’t functioning correctly, and sliding patio doors repair is in your future to get your doors working, as it should. Safety and energy efficiency are two essential features that will suffer when you have sliding door problems, and you shouldn’t take them lightly.

Screen door repair:

When the screen has a puncture, it must be closed because insects will enter, and the puncture becomes a hole, and will only increase in size if you don’t get it repaired. The cost differential is double for a replacement screen as opposed to mending the affected area.

Patio door rollers:

Much as we would like to save money on repairs, patio door rollers will fail, and they will need to be replaced if you want your patio door to open and close. This is an easy fix for us at Belleli Doors. We will swap out the damaged rollers, install new ones, and viola! You have a functioning sliding door again.

Patio door lock repair:

When the lock is stuck or won’t lock, you have a problem at the back door. At Belleli Doors, we have the experience and expertise to provide a quality lock repair or change the lock to a more enhanced locking system to protect your home.

Patio door tracking replacement:

The patio door guide is called a tracking system and can become out of alignment with the door creating a grating noise when trying to close the door. Removing the damaged track and replacing it with a new, straight track will help guide the door smoothly when opening and closing.


Patio Door maintenance

Keeping your rear doors in good condition is essential. We have highlighted common problems with sliding patio doors, but we want you to be conscious of other issues to be on the lookout for. The door wheels will wear out the track if they aren’t working correctly, and the doorframe should be inspected regularly to determine whether and to adjustment is required.

Belleli Doors, your full-service door company

At Belleli Doors, we have a full suite of services available for your commercial doors repair and residential doors repair needs. Our experience in the door industry has provided a distinguished resume that we are proud of and one built on a few things. We offer great pricing, have quality products, and our staff provides excellent workmanship when you need a commercial door repair or a residential doors repair. A door problem can be an emergency when damage occurs, like a break-in or when vandalism has visited your home or business. Keeping your home and or commercial enterprise safe and secure is what a door does. When it doesn’t, trust us at Belleli Doors to come to your home or business and make things right with our attention to detail.
Nagging door problems turn into costly replacement when you don’t take action when the problem can be solved with a simple repair. To help with the vigilance you need to keep your doors working well, a door maintenance plan is the best way to go, and we at Belleli Doors, can develop a plan to fit your unique circumstances. For door repairs around the home, call our showroom today at Belleli Doors at 647-870-7778

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